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Budapest, Parliament Recreation

This is the 1:1 recreation of the Parliament Building of Budapest I made for Microsoft Education back in 2017. The original building is located by the beautiful river, the Danube in Hungary, Budapest. It took 24 hours to recreate this wonderful building. The...

Earlington Fortress

Location: Coming Soon In the Earlington Fortress, you can find the best of the Emeraldia Army. This huge building is the home of the finest warriors of the city, with enchanted weapons, made in the top room by the head-enchanter, and with the strongest armor, coming...

The Eminence Theatre

Location: Coming Soon The Eminence Theatre is a well-known location throughout the Kingdom, famous for its half-round grandstand, the building for the actors, with the choir on top of it singing, and the Eternal Emerald Fire, which is a green flame, lit by a god...

Westfort – School of Magic

Location: Coming Soon Location                   Westfort is the biggest (but not tallest) building in Emeraldia (upcoming update). It is located on the west side of the city, outside of the walls, on a huge hill, next to...

The Gilliflower Scout Ship

Captain: Denman Draegan They calls the fastest scout ship in Emeraldia, the Gilliflower. Its task is to scout for enemy ships during the war and patrol the harbor of the city. It is made out of dark oak and acacia wood, coming from the Worswell Forest, and built in...


LOCATION: 1565 76 -997 Major: Yanos Northwald is a prospering, medium sized village, going north from Whitecliff. The climate is mostly cold with really hard and dark winters. The village was built on hills and surrounded by big, long walls, that keeps the bandits...

Temple of Adis

LOCATION: -103 95 -215 Head-Priest: Scha-em-tenu Temple of Adis is a monumental building in the center of the city, made for the God of the Sun, Adis. It was built in 200 years, started by a past pharaoh Tureis, and it is still not finished. The building is made out...


The City of The Sun LOCATION: -285 67 -215 Pharaoh: Apheru Natural Resources: Adis has a wide array of natural resources such as the River Nicodiac, arable land, lots of sand and gold mines.   The beautiful city of Adis, named after the god of the Sun, is located...

Welcome to Kingdom of Galekin!

Hi Everyone! My name is Linard and I'd like to welcome you to my New Website, https://kingdomofgalekin.com! This Site is for my Fantasy World, Kingdom of Galekin, the huge Minecraft world I've been building for 7 years now. I have the map on different Minecraft pages...


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