Kingdom of Galekin 1.6 Released For All Available Platforms

I’m happy to announce that you can download the map for not just the java version, but for the Windows 10 Edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.
The Converting was made possible with The Universal Minecraft Converter App.

Check the home page for the download buttons…


Hi Everyone!


My name is Linard, or some of you may know me as dancsa222 from different Minecraft websites and forums. I’m the creator of the medieval/fantasy Minecraft World, Kingdom of Galekin.

The whole thing started when I searched on minecraftforum.net for some building ideas and decided to create my own build, that I can share on the forums.


The year was 2012, February 27, when I first uploaded my build for the public. It was a pretty basic Mountain House. I was just a beginner in Minecraft building but the people on the forum really liked it so I kept updating the build to the point where it transformed into a Mountain City, which you can still check out on the map today.


but this wasn’t enough…

At the time I was a subscriber to Jamziboyminecraft’s Youtube Channel and he was experimenting with WorldPainter, a map generator for Minecraft, and made some pretty awesome maps with it so I tried it too.

The first map I’ve created was a big mess with huge unnatural mountains, ugly rivers and an enormous bedrock wall all around it. I decided to keep it and paste my Mountain City Build in there with the help of World Edit.


And this is where the story begins…

I was updating the Mountain City every week and started making a small village across the huge, weird river and connecting it with a pretty decent looking bridge, which didn’t change at all and looks the same today.


The map was growing almost every day.

I was learning a lot from other Minecraft Builders like Madness64, Jamziboyminecraft, Jeracraft, Dukonred1 and couple more. I was getting inspiration from pictures of buildings and from the Reddit Minecraft community and my building skills were improving with my knowledge of tools and tricks.

I was building a lot, almost every day and I really liked it and had a lot of fun doing it.


This went on for years!

Meanwhile, I was getting a lot of support and love on Minecraftforums, Planetminecraft, and Reddit, people really liked the builds I was making and lots of them were contacting me to help them build for their server or just about information on my map.

I was building for couple servers like the Shotbow server, which made the famous MineZ game. I really liked it and got to know some awesome people, but I liked building my own Kingdom a lot more.


The big turning point was…

In 2006, I just finished the new update of my map and made some amazing Renders of it. It was the 1.4 update about the new, biggest city I’ve ever made, Whitecliff.

I knew that by posting it on r/Minecraft, a lot of people will check it out but I had an idea that the community in r/gaming would love it too so I posted couple pictures about the update on both sites, plus the links to my Planetminecraft profile and the video about the map.


The results were beyond my imagination!

I went to sleep after posting the update on Reddit and when I woke up, the video hit the 50,000 views and I was so happy I couldn’t sleep well for a couple of days.

Magazines and blogs were contacting me about interview questions and some pretty amazing posts were made about me and my map. Pc gaming had an interview with me on their website and the biggest gaming magazine in my country, Gamestar made an article too which was pretty amazing. Unilad also featured my video on their site and got millions of views.


My inbox was flooded…

Hundreds of people were contacting me but one really stood out… A guy from the USA was writing to me about making an RP server, using Kingdom of Galekin and with my help.

The offer was a no brainer for me, I could update the map on the server and they worked on the story, plugins and all things related to that.

It was a really fun time of my life. I made friends with some cool people and our community was excellent. Unfortunately, the server failed for different reasons and we decided to shut it down 😞

I went solo for a couple of months but continued to build my map and never gave up on it.


So here we are…

At this time of writing this post, I’m really excited about what’s coming really soon.

I’m building the biggest update of the map and it’s already looking good, made an official website for the map and preparing a really big idea that’ll be a turning point for the whole thing.

As you can see there are some story elements of the builds and new features will come soon, which you’ll see on the website, but it’s a secret for now 😉


So, what’s next?

All I can say is that I’m working on the new update now with a story about the map and I’m NOT planning on ending the map!

The next couple of months will be interesting for sure 😊 Also the 7th birthday of the map is coming in February so be prepared! 


Much love for my fans!



P.S. I really would like to hear your opinions about the map, suggestions or anything related to it. You can write a comment here, use the Contact Us page, our fresh, new Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

All links will be there, after this post ☺️

Welcome to Kingdom of Galekin

Hi Everyone!

My name is Linard and I’d like to welcome you to my New Website, https://kingdomofgalekin.com!

This Site is for my Fantasy WorldKingdom of Galekin, the huge Minecraft world I’ve been building for 7 years now.

I have the map on different Minecraft pages available but I wanted to make an official site where every detail of the map is available with HQ Images and Download for most of the builds.

Also, there’s more…

I’m making Lore for the map and small Stories for the most unique builds. The goal is to make players familiar with the story of the map before the server and the book is done.

Plus, a lot of people asked for High-Resolution Posters of the Cities and Builds so I’ve made some, you can check it out at the SHOP button at the top. I’ll add more in the future.


I’m still building the 1.6 Update of the map. I don’t want to spoiler anything for now but this will be my best update so far for sure, but it’s so huge, it’ll take some time finishing it and I want to make it perfect. The biggest builds are 90% done, only thing left is the hundreds of houses and lots of little details to build but it’s coming along really nice.

I’m releasing couple builds of the new update in the upcoming weeks on our FACEBOOK PAGE so stay tuned!

If you have any question please use the contact us page or shoot me a message on the FB Page!



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