Hi Everyone!

My name is Dani Oszter, aka. Linard, the creator of the Minecraft Map, Kingdom of Galekin.

I’ve created this website to place every information about the map on one site, including the download for every build, the lore and posters, and prints of the unique buildings.

I’ve been building this map since February 2012 and still updating it on a regular basis to inspire myself and other builders. It all started with a Minecraftforum post, where I was posting about my new build, a mountain castle (still on the map) and gained some views, people really loved it, so I kept posting new images all the time. I quickly realized that people love my builds and I really love making them so I decided, that I’d only build on this map.

The map gained a lot of views and downloads over the years and my building style evolved, but still, I see a lot of room for improvement, in building and in areas outside the game.

These days I’m trying out new things, ways to render my builds, animation ideas, storytelling, and making the map a complete experience for every user, with lots of details to check out, interactive places with datapacks and plugins, and customer quests, aligned with the story of the map.

As you can see, I’m writing small stories for each unique build, and the goal is to have a complete lore for the map, which I’ll publish as a book possibly and use it as the story for our multiplayer server.

Kingdom of Galekin is for the creative MC builders, making fantasy builds with limitless creativity!

I’m also recruiting players to join me making the map more awesome. Currently looking for builders for other projects and players to help me with the server. If you want to join our team, send me a message, using the contact us menu or on any social media (I’m replying to every serious message personally),

If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me on the contact us page or on Facebook, Instagram!🙂

I’m using Apex Hosting for my private server, the most reliable & powerful hosting platform.

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