What’s going on, it’s your boy Linard here and I’m glad to show you what I’ve been working on for the last 2,5 years in secret. After this long time, the map Kingdom of Galekin finally got an update, and not just an update, a humongous one! I decided to build this city in secret, to just focus on the enjoyment of building and not bothering with deadlines. Some days I was building it all day, some days I didn’t even touched it but it’s finally done and the result is beautiful in my opinion. Scroll down to check out every detail of the map and enjoy 🙂


Farm Area

By crossing the city borders, a calm and peaceful Farm Area welcomes travelers with a small inn and tasty wine. This area can be found right in front of the Blackfield Wall. The location also has 3 Squire’s Manors, running all the farms in the area. Most of the city’s food comes from here, including wheat, carrot, potato, beetroot, pumpkin, and melon. Also, they have huge vineyards, producing the best wine in the city, and a salt mine, which they do love a lot.

Blackfield Wall

The Blackfield Wall is an enormous wall, protecting the city from the east side, connected to the mountain and the walls around the city. The Blackfield wall is over 200 years old and it never been breached before, nobody ever tried to infiltrate from this side. The wall has bedrock foundations with thousands of arrow holes and place for the army to live in it. At the front, it has 6 towers, connected to the walls and fire on top of them.


The Docks are located at the South Side of the city, in front of the walls protecting the Main City. In this location, we have lots of battleships, fishing and transport ships and cranes lifting the merch coming in from all around the kingdom.

At both ends of the docks, we have 2 lighthouses, one ruined by the stormes and the Aldlight Lighthouse.

There is also a Ship Factory, lots of Storage Buildings, and more houses for the fisherman and traders.

Industrial Area

On the West Side of the city, outside the city walls, we have the industrial area.

In this district, I’ve built 2 factories, an Emerald and an Iron Factory. This is the place where the city is making all the emerald tools they need and melt the ores. Around the buildings, there’re lots of residential buildings for the workers and a Squire’s Manor looking over the area.

Going south we have a flower farm with a manor and at the city limits another wheat farm with the Squire’s house.

School Area

The School Area is famous for the magic school of Westfort, with its awesome Elytra Track and the lake for different events. It also has a greenhouse and outside area for the students. They even have The Eminence Theatre for the city to visit every weekend for different plays.

Military Area

The Military area is located between the city’s two walls. At one end, the Elden Barracks are located, on the other, The Earlington Fortress. In between, you can find the Cart Platform, taking people to Westfort School, the Armory, the Knight’s Manor, an Asylum, a Ravager, and a Horse Stable, an Alchemist, a Gold Forgery and an iron Forgery and some camp areas for the soldiers, with small animal pens and dog cages.

Sewer District

In the Sewer district are living the city’s poorest people. With the small, crammed houses and smelly water, this place is not the best area to live in, so not a lot of noble people visit this district often.

The sewers, which are located all below the city, has an exit here, where all the sewage comes out and making a smell around this area.

Not only this, but the bridge to the school also goes above the district, casting a great shadow to the houses, blocking most of the sun.

Main City

The main city is located inside the city walls. This is where most of the people live in the city in hundreds of residential buildings and shops. The beautiful terracotta houses are making the city more alive and colorful, with lots of greenery in the gardens and backyards of the buildings.

In this area, we can find the Anthenaeum Library, an enormous building, in the center of the city, showing the people the time and illuminating the streets. Also, it has a cemetery around it, with a small river surrounding it, and a huge chain connecting the library to the Blackfield Wall, and the city’s flag hanging from it. In front of the library is a medium-sized, diagonal church and an Observatory on the walls.

On the top side of the Main city are the Spider Factory and a vineyard below it. This is the place where you’ll find the big mines of the city also.

Silvercliff District

The top of the hill is called the Silvercliff District. This is the old town, from where all the city was growing out this big. This was the original town (Silvercliff), which was redesigned and rebuilt to make this an enormous city.

Here we can find the Cathedral of Enos, which is the place for the big gatherings and god worshipping for all people in the city.

We have the Faemley Castle in this area, on top of the hill, looking over the city and reaching the top level of Minecraft.

This district includes: shops, town hall, hospital, lots of residential buildings, markets, a vineyard with it’s manor, a guard building for the castle and lots more.

Faemley Castle

Faemley Castle is the gem of the city of Emerald. A huge building for king Erishum to live in it with his family and lots of servants.

The castle was built from the original Castle of Galekin, but I had to pretty much redesign everything and add 80% more to the build, inculding, a planning room, a 3 huge towers, map room, a small chapel, small barracks, living areas for the servants, a dining hall and a huge kitchen.

The castle is located at the top of the hill, watching over the city and running it.

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