Adis is the name of the new Mega city from the 1.7 Update of Kingdom of Galekin. After Emeraldia, I started this project to rebuild the old Adis city from scratch on a new continent, which I created with Worldpainter and planned out the whole island to build the biggest city in an ancient Egyptian style, featuring lots of sand, red sand, acacia, terracotta and more. My goal is to build a massive city with tons of details, that’d be the setting for awesome Quests and fun on our upcoming RPG server. I’m making Timelapses and Cinematics of my Build on my YouTube channel, you can check out the Playlist here.


At the edge of the desert continent, next to the endless ocean is the first area of Adis, a small fishing and trading village, Djabu. The Minecraft Ancient Egyptian style village features a lot of residental building for the farmers and fisherman, a small dock, a Watchtower for protection and small farms. Lots of trading ships come to this area to unload the merchandise or park their ships here, without paying fees, like they’d do by the city. One of those faster ships is already there waiting for the wares.


Going east from Djabu, you’ll find the working class of the city, in the poor district of Adis, Senun. These people are working hard to survive the harsh desert temperature, most of them working by the Docks or on the farms. Senun is actually part of the city, not like Djabu, but still considered outside, because it’s outside the city walls. Most of the travelers who come to the city stays here, as it has the cheapest beds avaliable on the continent (unless you want to sleep under the sky. I wouldn’t suggest it, it’s kinda dangerous)