Hi Everyone!

My name is Linard and I’d like to welcome you to my New Website, https://kingdomofgalekin.com!

This Site is for my Fantasy World, Kingdom of Galekin, the huge Minecraft world I’ve been building for 7 years now.

I have the map on different Minecraft pages available but I wanted to make an official site where every detail of the map is available with HQ Images and Download for most of the builds.

Also, there’s more…

I’m making Lore for the map and small Stories for the most unique builds. The goal is to make players familiar with the story of the map before the server and the book is done.

Plus, a lot of people asked for High-Resolution Posters of the Cities and Builds so I’ve made some, you can check it out at the SHOP button at the top. I’ll add more in the future.


I’m still building the 1.6 Update of the map. I don’t want to spoiler anything for now but this will be my best update so far for sure, but it’s so huge, it’ll take some time finishing it and I want to make it perfect. The biggest builds are 90% done, only thing left is the hundreds of houses and lots of little details to build but it’s coming along really nice.

I’m releasing couple builds of the new update in the upcoming weeks on our FACEBOOK PAGE so stay tuned!

If you have any question please use the contact us page or shoot me a message on the FB Page!


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