LOCATION:  1390 68 -818

CAPTAIN:  Grardrass

The Marvelous Star is the jewel of WhitecliffIt is the biggest, strongest one and the flagship of the fleet. With 36 cannons on board, the Marvelous Star is a deadly weapon against every other ship throughout Kingdom of Galekin.

The ship has a 52 person crew, prisoners, Captain Grardrass and his pet monkey. They defeated a lot of enemies, pirates, and ships. It’s the king’s favorite one.

The Marvelous Star has a beautiful blue sail and everybody from the city can recognize it, the captain usually patrols the harbor with it, up and down, and people cheer when they see it.

What’s, our opinion about the build? Do you have some suggestions or ideas to add? Tell us in the comment section! 😊

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