LOCATION:  1729 67 -806

CAPTAIN:  Petavug

Tartaruga Preta is the name of the fastest pirate ship in Kingdom of Galekin, they are fearless and always ready for a fight or getting the loot, and if they encounter a bigger enemy, they can always retreat at a fast pace.

Captain Petavug is really hard on his 40 Person crew and makes sure they have top-notch weapons. They’re originally from Mutiny Bay but have an important mission. The king of Emeraldia is secretly plotting against Whitecliff and hired Captain Petavug and his crew to spy on the big city. Currently, they’re anchored down on the Spring Sea, near North-Whitecliff. 

The notorious Tartaruga Preta has 21 cannon on each side, ready to fire, 41 people on board, plus a parrot, grey and black sails and lots of prisoners. They’ve never been defeated before and the skilled pirates been through hard times and epic fights. Usually, they’re robbing transport and fishing ships and thirsty for blood.

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