LOCATION:  1430 73 -586

OWNER:  Vigaro

Solace Bank is known for it’s greedy, angry owner, Vigaro, and ex-merchant coming from Emeraldia to Whitecliff to make huge wealth. At that time, the city didn’t had a proper bank and Vigaro had an idea to make one, the king agreed and helped him construct one in North-Whitecliff.

If you’re looking for a loan, want to exchange gold, emerald or diamonds for Galeons, this is the place to go. Solace Bank has an incredibly huge safe to protect your values, nobody could rob it before.

Thanks to Vigaro and the Solace Bank, the city of Whitecliff is now a really wealthy place and going to prosper in the future also.

What’s, our opinion about the build? Do you have some suggestions or ideas to add? Tell us in the comment section! 😊


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