LOCATION 1227 71 38

The Moonsong Lighthouse is maintained by Maldraes, the warden, who has an interesting story about his job.

A Ship was coming from Deepshade to Whitecliff, packed with lots of oak wood and logs. It was a rainy dark night and the captain went into the biggest waves he has ever seen. Unfortunately, the ship was damaged by the waves and began to sink to the bottom of the sea. Nobody survived this accident, except a baby, the captains’ son, who was later found on a small boat, by the shores of Whitecliff.

After that, king Lambert decided to build a huge lighthouse at the place where they found Maldraes. A lovely couple adopted and raised him in the lighthouse. The old man operated the building but today Maldraes is doing it since his foster parents are too old.

What’s, our opinion about the build? Do you have some suggestions or ideas to add? Tell us in the comment section! 😊

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