LOCATION 1405 76 -7

OWNER Mining Company

Next to the Keddis Cathedral in Whitecliff is the Graisser Slime Factory, operated by the biggest company in Whitecliff, the Mining Co. They’re making a lot of Galeons by digging tunnels underneath the city and bringing up expensive resources.

Graisser Slime Factory is connected to the huge mining systems right underneath Whitecliff, with fast cart tracks transporting people, resources and lot’s of other things to the other factory or to the Mining Company HQ.

The factory has expert teams going into the tunnels and locating slime chunks the capture those green slimy creatures and transport it to the factory, where workers produce slime, slime blocks, and sticky pistons. They sell these items or use them for their machines in the mines. The factory is off limits for the civilians but there’re ways to go inside 😉.

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