LOCATION 1466 66 -328

Arena Champion Red Side: Jozzox

Daggertip Arena is a small building, located in North-Whitecliff, next to a small lake. The building is mainly for small events like a 1 on 1 fight or maybe small groups.










The poor people of Whitecliff love this arena very much, they can take small bets on a fighter and make some Galeons with it if they win, also the entrance fee is way cheaper then in the Blitz Coliseum.










There’s a pretty big rivalry going on in the arena, between the red and the blue side. Both sides are trying to be the best of all, and hiring a lot’s of new fighters, but still, the red ones win usually and the champion is on their side also.










What’s, our opinion about the build? Do you have some suggestions or ideas to add? Tell us in the comment section! 

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