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Scorpio University is famous all across the Kingdom and probably everybody heard about it. Famous professors, scholars, and teachers visit it very often and teach people about different professions in one of the many classrooms of the building. You can see the building from far away and recognize it’s unique, blue roofs, which is in the middle of the North side of Whitecliff.

Discoveries about the new technologies are being taught in the ground floor and the first floor of the build, astronomy also in there and by the Observatory, and winery in the basement around the huge barrels filled with the best wine coming from the vineyard next to the city.

On the upper level of the University is the study area, where people can go to read in silent, with the huge collection of books and lovely flowers surrounding the rooms.

Entering the building, you can find the beautiful lobby of the University, with the eagle symbol in the middle circle, which is glowing really strong, illuminating the ground floor completely.

Also, there are some hidden secrets located inside the building, can you find it? ☺️

What’s, our opinion about the build? Do you have some suggestions or ideas to add? Tell us in the comment section! 😊

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