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The City of Knowledge

GOD: Keddis

LOCATION: 1548 69 -40

KING: Linard

Natural Resources:

Mineral deposits

and a mildly-cold climate.

Diamond is, by far, the most important mineral.

FACTORIES: Slime, Creeper


Whitecliff is a rich city on the east side of Kingdom of Galekin. It is one of the major ports on the continent and populated by nearly 40,000 inhabitants, making it one of the largest cities in the north.


Origin of Name

The tale says that the Dragon-God, named Keddis arrived at Kingdom of Galekin to gain knowledge about the Otherworld and made his home on a beautiful island with impressively huge white cliffs.

Since then, Whitecliff became the center of Information and learning. Scholars from all over the kingdom visit the island-city to teach about the new technology, history, and vinery in the Scorpio University or search for a specific book inside the biggest collection of papers, the Whitmore Library and learn about astronomy in the Observatory.


His Majesty, King Linard

Whitecliff is the home of Lambert’s son, Linard, the king of the city. He lives on the top floor of Carsley Castle, known for it’s sharp, red roofs and thin towers. The castle walls was designed by the architects in the University and never been breached.


Evil inside the city

Whitecliff is also the home of the evil creeper, Crep, who’s creatures run down the east side of the city, the industrial area, from the mineshafts and blowing up the houses.

King Lambert heroically protected the city from the creeper invasion and founded a factory right next to the mineshafts, to capture and use the creepers’ power for different purposes.

The people began rebuilding the city and the mines were made safer.

Harbor and Market Area

The city is also famous for its huge harbor and colorful markets, you can find all kinds of craftsmen, offering almost anything you desire, imported products and smelly fish.



There are 2 Factories in Whitecliff, one for creepers and one for slimes. The Mining Company is controlling both of these buildings, creepers and slimes live in the ancient mineshafts underneath the city so The Mining Company is equipped for this job.

In the slime factory, people are working hard to produce slimeball from the mobs, that is used for different materials and machines.

In the other factory, scientists are using the creepers energy for machines, including the Observatory and workers taking gunpowder to make TNTs for The Mining Company.

The Legion

Whitecliff has a pretty big army, the Legion, and the Royal Fleet. Lots of people signed up for the Legion but General Flardryn only accepted the bravest 1000 and called it the Legion.

They are located on the south side of the castle and underneath it also. Their machines, weapons, armors, and doctors are the best in the Otherworld. As history has proven, the Legion can win against a ten times bigger army if they threatened their king.

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The Marvelous Star Flag Ship


If you’ve found one, use the contact form to tell us the location (X, Y, Z coordinates) and your name will be displayed next to the builds name in the Secrets section, also I’ll make a small story for the secret build.

[su_spoiler title=”Coordinates” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]
1. Scorpio University of Knowledge -> 1400 69 -558
2. Whitmore Library -> 1478 81 -577
3. Luna Observatory -> 1457 72 -497
4. The Gore Round Arena -> 1310 69 -431
5. Daggertip Arena -> 1466 66 -328
6. The Blitz Coliseum -> 815 64 -667
7. The Black Sword Guild -> 1428 116 -243
8. Whitecliff Wheat Farm -> 1300 64 -111
9. Whitecliff Farm Area -> 983 80 -461
10. Moonsong Lighthouse -> 1227 71 38
11. Cathedral of Keddis -> 1470 83 113
12. Whitecliff Divine Main Square -> 1548 69 -40
13. Carsley Castle -> 1730 102 -40
14. Carsley Castle Barracks Area -> 1799 91 53
15. The Grand River Theatre -> 1553 71 170
16. Vanguards Guild -> 1507 72 198
17. Whitecliff Industrial Area -> 1271 76 457
18. Barboteuse Creeper Factory -> 1381 89 611
19. Whitecliff Industrial Area Mine -> 1375 80 531
20. The Marvelous Star Flag Ship -> 1390 68 -818
21. Tartaruga Preta Pirate Ship -> 1729 67 -806
22. Southwind Ship -> 1552 68 -622
23. Solace Bank -> 1430 73 -586
24. Graisser Slime Factory -> 1405 76 -7
24. Void Alchemist -> 1298 66 85
24. Sum Clocktower -> 1436 108 -561
24. White Post Office -> 1539 69 -101
24. Ridge Post Office -> 1268 66 81
24. The Red Inn -> 1429 72 -554 [/su_spoiler]


Which one is your favorite build from Whitecliff? Maybe you have an idea for an additional build in the city? Tell us in the comment section! 😊

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